Merlin is a 1,500 year old wizard (actually 1,585 – but who’s counting?) who is starting to feel his age. His magic isn’t as potent as it once was, and things tend to go a little... wrong.

He has forgotten a lot of his best spells, but when something does happen (and it always does - although not be quite what was expected); he often seems more surprised than his audience!

I used to be famous until that kid Harry whatzisface came along!Merlin

Portrayal of the legendary “Merlin” character is not new. Currently many magicians worldwide emulate the Arthurian wizard with their own interpretation, as have numerous other entertainers throughout the centuries ever since the story of King Arthur was first chronicled. After our time other magicians and entertainers will imitate the wizard of wizards for some time to come.

Bruce Hunt has taken the embodiment of the famous wizard to the next level. His rich medieval costume, astonishing (but humorous) magic and slightly confused demeanor endear him to children and adults alike.

Audience participation is a staple in all of Bruce’s shows, whether as Merlin or the typical tuxedo clad magician/illusionist. His aim is always to make spectators laugh and enjoy themselves, and he never fails to succeed in that objective.

Often Mr. Hunt will do a double appearance – open the show in tuxedo with some traditional but offbeat magic, then change during a short intermission into his Merlin persona.

This is a show that should not be missed and is suitable for all ages!

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